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      Size Information:
      Order your size for a regular fit.
      If you have stretchy ear lobes order one size up.

      If you need further information or measurements do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

      Size Inner Size Outer Size Weight p. Piece
      12 mm 11 x 10 mm 15 x 14 mm 2,5gr.
      14 mm 13 x 12 mm 17 x 15 mm 4,5gr.
      16 mm 15 x 14 mm 20 x 17 mm 5gr.
      18 mm 16 x 17 mm 21 x 18 mm 6gr.
      20 mm 19 x 17 mm 25 x 21 mm 7gr.
      22 mm 20 x 19 mm 25 x 22 mm 9gr.
      24 mm 22 x 21 mm 26 x 24 mm 11gr.
      26 mm 24 x 21 mm 26 x 30 mm
      28 mm 25 x 22 mm 29 x 32mm 14gr.
      30 mm 27 x 26 mm 35 x 31 mm 15gr.
      32 mm 30 x 28 mm 39 x 34 mm 24gr.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        Bianca B.

        These saddle spreaders are sooo pretty I‚Äėm in love with the detail!
        Had to order them twice because I thought one size down will fit as I have some saddles that are rather big and hurt my ears when wearing my actual size but these aren‚Äėt so I recommend to order your actual size or even one size up as they are kinda small in my opinion (my ears are stretched to 20mm, the serpents in 18mm were waaay to small and fit my mum whose ears are 16mm so I ordered them in 22mm and now they‚Äėre perfect).
        They‚Äėre very comfortable to wear and my friend who got my second pair as a birthday present loved them as well ūüíõ


        Got these Serpent Saddle Spreaders in 30mm.
        I recently stretched my ears to 28mm and they fit perfectly, are comfortable and great looking Already got many compliments on these ūüíõ
        Thanks for these beauties ‚ú®
        My ears are quite stretchy, so one size up works just fine for me, otherwise I would recommend your regular size (or even one size down), as the Saddles are not perfectly round shaped.

        Absolutely love them

        Omg I received my jewels yesterday & I am in love!!
        They are just so comfortable to wear! Had to share the link to the website with some friends as they just loved them.
        The quality is amazing, the details on each plug just <3
        I will order again for sure!