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      COVID-19 *Update*

      The online shop is still open and I am fortunate enough to work from home in my studio. I am able to ship all your orders as usual. USA Shipping available again.


      Versandkosten Deutschland

      Eine kurze Information bezüglich der Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschland.
      Zunächst möchte ich euch mitteilen, dass ich versuche, die Versandkosten immer so niedrig wie möglichzu halten. Eine 
      Preisanhöhungen von DHL macht es mir aber momentan nicht leicht dies beizubehalten. 
      Deshalb muss ich die Versandkosten für Deutschland leider um 0,20€ erhöhen.
      Sobald ich eine günstigere Lösung mit DHL finde werde ich sie Euch sofort anbieten. 

      Ich hoffe sehr, Ihr habt Verständnis dafür. Vielen Dank.

      Important Information

      Hey everyone! 
      At first: sorry for the long silence, but during the last months I have been quite busy fixing my shipping and mail issues. 

      There were also several private reasons which had to be solved first as they pushed me back. It wasn’t easy for me but it is getting much better now. Further I‘m looking forward to a new and better year. 

      The next months are becoming more structured and full of work, meaning that I will do my best to ship everything as fast as I can and offer you a new and quicker processing time in the future.

      My mail programm still isn’t fixed, so please use my new email:
      Don’t forget to add your order ID if you have any order related inquiries. 

      Please keep in my mind that I will not work or reply to mails on weekends or holidays. It’s important for me to restore my energy and keep up my work flow. 

      Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I really appreciate your support and kind words ❤