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Frequently Asked Questions 

Please read my FAQ's before sending a message.

You will always get a PAIR of plugs, if you would like a single plug please message me so I can create a reserved listing for you.


1. Did you received my payment ?
- You can check the payment status in your account. Just log in and click 'my account' or check your payment status here

2. Where can I find my Order ID?
- Your Order ID is shown in your Order Confirmation E-Mail in the Subject and on the Top, it starts with this # Symbol - see picture below. 

3. Have you sent my parcel out now?
- After shipping you will get another E-Mail from the Shop.
You can also log in your customer account, you can see the shipping status of your order there. Or check it here


4. Do you make custom orders?
- Yes, just click the section 'Custom Orders' and you will find everything you need to know.


5. Which Plug sizes do you have?
- I have small and big sizes - normally I've got 8mm - 30mm. But I do 4mm - 50mm. If you need a smaller or bigger size feel free to contact me 


6. I can't find my size? What is my Size in mm?
- On Page 'Size, Care & Material' you can see the Size Chart for 'mm' and 'inches'. If you still can't find your size, please contact me and I will help you

7. What is 'flared' and 'normal/ straight'? 
- You can see the difference between 'normal' and 'flared' on my Info Page section 'Size, Care & Material'. If you need another shape, color or material - please contact me before ordering


8. Item XX is sold out, do you get new stuff?
- Yes, 90% will be restocked.
New material is ordered, and if anything is prepared I will announce it on facebook or instagram. The Best way is to sign up for email notifications.


9. I want Plug 'xxx' but my size isn't available.
- Either your size is out of stock or please check the listed sizes in the product Info, some plugs can only made in special sizes.
Sometimes I upload a similar Design for smaller or bigger sizes.
If you cannot find what you are looking for you can send me a custom request at


10. I want item 'xxx' in another color or without the pendant (or more) can you do this?
- Yes, of course this is a Custom Order - write me an E-Mail at


11. Can I buy just one Plug/ Earring/ Ear Weight... ?
- Yes and no. It depends on the design. Some Designs are made and ordered just in pairs. Please contact me before ordering at


12. Can you make Plug 'xyx' as an Earstud/ Earring?
- Yes and no, some plugs are just too big. It depends on weight and size and some other criteria - but I'll try to find a good solution for you. Just send me a custom request at



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