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Size, Care & Material

All Plugs, Tunnel, Ear Weights etc. are meant to be worn with completely healed lobes.


I do make plugs and tunnel from 4mm up to 50mm.
All items are handmade in Germany I use a metric system, therefore all ear plugs are sold in millimetres. Please check out the sizing conversion chart from millimetres to inches. 


All Tunnels and Plugs made from Acrylic. Instead of the wooden or steel Tunnel.
The material is Nickel- Lead- und Cadmium free.
If you need other material please contact me before ordering.
I'm not responsible for allergic reactions.





All Plugs/Tunnel are not meant to be worn to sleep, sports/swimming or in the shower. 
Please don't wear your Plugs/ Tunnel longer than 18 - 24 hours.
Wipe gently with soft cotton cloth - if need to be cleaned use warm water only.


As standard version I use straight Plugs with o-Rings.
Please note: Double Flared - The flare is approx. 1mm bigger than the actual size of the tunnel.


Every Necklace includes a 5 - 8cm extender chain