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Maya Brass Saddle Hangers #BH14

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€38.00 EUR

Brass saddle spreaders with detailed maya design.
The outer edge is larger than the inner area please have a look at the measurements.

  • Sold as a pair. 
  • Wearable area: 5,6 mm thick
  • Material: Brass 


Size Inner Size  Outer Size
20mm 20 mm 25 mm
25 mm 25 mm 30 mm
30 mm 30 mm 35 mm
35 mm 35 mm 40 mm
40 mm 40 mm 45 mm

Size Information:
I recommend choosing one size smaller than your actual size for a loose fit. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

Organic and brass jewelry may vary slightly from each other in color and size because they are made from natural materials.