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Silver Brass Saddle Spreaders #BH06-S


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Silver Brass Saddle Spreader Weights for stretched lobes. Wearable on all sizes above 10 mm. Also available in brass gold.

  • Sold as a pair.
  • Style: Oversize saddle weights
  • Material: Brass
  • Overall dimensions increase with size
  • Thickness/ Wearable area: 10 mm
  • Weight:  4 - 12 gr. per piece, depends on size

Size Information:
Saddle weights with large edges. Order your size for a loose dangling fit. If you want a tight fit order one size up. You can find more information in the tabs.

    10mm =   6mm inner area - 11mm outer edge
    12mm =   8mm inner area - 13mm outer edge
    14mm = 10mm inner area - 15mm outer egde
    16mm = 12mm inner area - 17mm outer edge
    18mm = 14mm inner area - 19mm outer edge 
    20mm = 16mm inner area - 21mm outer edge
    22mm = 18mm inner area - 23mm outer edge
    24mm = 20mm inner area - 25mm outer edge
    26mm = 22mm inner area - 27mm outer egde
    29mm = 25mm inner area - 30mm outer edge
    32mm = 28mm inner area - 33mm outer edge
    34mm = 30mm inner area - 35mm outer edge 

    Saddle Weight Spreader Style Information:

    Oversize Saddle Weights:
    Oversize Saddle weights have large edges and more weight. Perfect to wear smaller weights for a loose dangling fit. The inner part is about 2 mm smaller than the size in the drop down menu. You can order your size from the menu for a loose dangling fit. If you want a tight fit simply order one size up. Please be careful when your skin tends to be less elastic.

    Light Saddle Weights:
    Light and thin saddle weights are like flesh tunnel simply order your size for a true fit.
    They are comfortable for pro long wear and will not be to heavy. 

    The best way is to insert the saddle weights diagonal

    Please checkout the measurements before placing your order. I am not responsable if it doesn't fit, because every lobe is different.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

    It’s important that you wait to wear your ear weights or plugs until your ears are at their goal size and completely healed. Especially for ear weights and hangers - make sure that your lobes are healthy enough to support them. Some materials are obviously heavier than others.

    Once your stretchings are fully healed you can wear them, although they should not be worn for extended periods and always removed at night. You can find the weight of each piece in the product description. 

    Ear Weights are not suitable for stretching your ears with because ear weights focus all their weight on the bottom part of your ear lobe. 

    Please note everyone's ears are different - be carefully and listen to your body.