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Silver Serpent Ear Weights #EW21


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Silver Serpent Ear Weights for stretched lobes. 

Wearable on all sizes above 6 mm / 2 ga

• Sold as a pair 
• Material: Stainless steel
• Hook thickness: 6 mm / 2 ga
• Total length: 47 mm
• Weight: 12 gr. per piece

It’s important that you wait to wear your ear weights or plugs until your ears are at their goal size and completely healed. Especially for ear weights and hangers - make sure that your lobes are healthy enough to support them. Some materials are obviously heavier than others.

Once your stretchings are fully healed you can wear them, although they should not be worn for extended periods and always removed at night. You can find the weight of each piece in the product description. 

Ear Weights are not suitable for stretching your ears with because ear weights focus all their weight on the bottom part of your ear lobe. 

Please note everyone's ears are different - be carefully and listen to your body.