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      The most items from the shop can be customized.
      You can create your own design or select one from the shop. You choose the colors, the materials and the size and I will create it for you!

      If you’d like to have something made based on an existing item from the shop, you can send me the link.

      You can also add an image to help illustrate what you’re looking for.

      There are a few things you can send with your first enquiry for a custom order.
      • What kind of product do you want?
      • What kind of style do you like?
      • Do you want to change some parts from an existing product?
      • If you want Plugs, Tunnel or Ear Weights - Which Size do you need?

      I will contact you as soon as possible with some ideas and maybe more specific questions.
      If I can create the item, I will add a private custom listing for you.
      You can add the listing to your cart directly like any other Product.

      Your custom piece will cost depending on time, materials and other details.

      Please note it can take a while to order the material (if necessary).
      Keep this in mind for orders that need to be rushed (like birthday gifts).

      Feel free to contact me anytime and ask for your own custom order.