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Wooden Saddle Ear Weights

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Processing time: 2 to 10 working days

€36.00 EUR

Beautiful Arang Wood Ear Saddle Weights.
Please check the Size Info and Measurements before ordering. 

Sold as a pair. 

Please Note: These hangers are able to fit stretched ears starting at least 12mm and above. That means you can wear a smaller or bigger size than stated. 
I have chosen the best Size in terms of the measurements - please check Size Info before ordering. I'm not responsable if it doesn't fit, because every lobe is different.

Only for 100% healed lobes! 

The Size in the drop down menu should be the perfect size for you - it's already perfectly measured for your stretched lobe.

If you want a very tight fit - order the Size + 2mm extra. 
For example your Size is '20mm' -> order '22mm'.

Please note the edge is always about 2-4mm larger (like a double flared plug) than the inner wearing area. 
The best way is to insert the Hanger diagonal

If you have any questions or requests, please send me an Email.

Material: Arang Wood
Overall dimensions increase with size
Weight: each 2 - 8gr.
Thickness/ Wearable Area: 8mm - 12mm

Organic jewelry may vary slightly from each other in color and size because they are made from natural materials.

Size Info | Measurements:
12mm = 10mm inner area - 13mm outer egde
14mm = 12mm inner area - 14mm outer edge
16mm = 14mm inner area - 17mm outer edge 
18mm = 16mm inner area - 19mm outer edge
20mm = 18mm inner area - 21mm outer edge
22mm = 20mm inner area - 22mm outer edge
24mm = 22mm inner area - 25mm outer egde
26mm = 25mm inner area - 28mm outer edge
30mm = 28mm inner area - 31mm outer edge
32mm = 30mm inner area - 32mm outer edge 
34mm = 32mm inner area - 34mm outer edge
38mm = 35mm inner area - 37mm outer edge 
40mm = 38mm inner area - 40mm outer edge
42mm = 40mm inner area - 41mm outer edge